Charles Klassen,
908 – 31 Alexander Street,
Toronto, ON M4Y 1B2







One thought on “Contact

  1. Hello Charles,

    This is Bong Silverio. Mel’s better half, and partner of everything -:)…

    Just got your Mel’s birthday card…

    Mel says a big “HELLO” and want to thank you for not
    forgetting her birthday on a yearly basis.

    Wish I know your date of birth so I can do the same
    for as long as I live as well…

    Oooops after asking her to proof read my note, tells me it’s
    March 30th. So do count me as one of your greeters on your natal day…

    We know, we’re not getting any younger so we just
    have to take things easy and as a matter of fact, just recently joined
    World Gym, a mere walking distance from our place to have an hour or so
    of workout to release those pains and let the muscles work
    to perfection. So far, we loved it with our Grandson on our side
    to give us all the training we needed on a daily basis. All good!!!

    Sorry to hear that you’re on a cane but you need to keep on
    walking so that the mobility of the legs would be Okay! Keep those
    muscles and tendons working to its finest… Don’t let the number
    put you down… Walk it out everyday even for half an hour on a brisk pace….

    This is all for now and looking forward to hear from you!
    Actually would love to meet with you when you’re available…

    Just send me an email in advance when and what time and if our medical appts are not
    on the way, we’d be happy and meet with you…

    Take care and God bless!!!


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