In the beginning…….”Let there be light.”

“TurnOverARockToday” is a handle I’ve used for years, a charleshenryklassen initiative supporting conscientious volunteerism, social activism, prisoner advocacy, and constructive sedition.  My primary focus for the last fifteen years has been church administration, police conduct/accountability, and justice and the penal systems, particularly our federal prisons.  An odd mix perhaps but it works for me.
I’ve spent more than twenty years researching and observing “Correctional” Service of Canada and am easily a specialist on CSC.
My interest in policing stretches back to 1959 when I first came to Toronto at the age of 17.
I fell into church volunteerism twenty years ago.  I was, I thought, just minding my own business and trying to be helpful, but woke up one morning up to my waist in quicksand.
Politics is a field I’d rather avoid, but how can one do that.  And so, turnoverarocktoday dabbles there too.
The catalyst for starting this blog for someone who is a techno-dinosaur like me and aspires not to be otherwise is two-fold.  First, there’s no sense in hiding my light under a bushel.  Second, and more importantly, I’m proud, honoured, and privileged to be underwriting an action against the federal prison system in support of Rahim (Brennan Guigue).

Please stand by.


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