Update – The First

Brennan Guigue was given a status report in a January 6th teleconference with his Montreal lawyer with respect to requests made of Correctional Service Canada’s Access to Information and Privacy Division, as specified in the November 2, 2014 posting in this file.
A November 28 letter from CSC’s Access Division to the lawyer indicated the approximate time to research the materials requested would be five hours, and an estimated cost for the service was quoted. A 50% minimum payment was due in advance. That has been made and a confirmation has been received by the lawyer.
Once the research is initiated, the lawyer’s experience with the process tells him several people will be assigned to look at one file at a time, moving on until the work is completed. There are additional costs per page for photocopies over a specified number, although it seems there is no charge for copies of video information.
The lawyer believes this could take as little as one month which complies with provisions of the Act, although delays should be expected.
This exchange between the lawyer and CSC’s Access Division should in no way suggest that Correctional Service Canada is cooperating fully and openly to provide what details are necessary to prove the case against them. Let’s just say this is the top of the first inning, and CSC now knows Brennan Guigue is serious in his intention to pursue this action.
The balance of the conversation between Brennan and his lawyer dealt with accumulating costs and a summary of expenses to date.


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