Gosh! Nobody’s done anything wrong!

On November 2, of 2014, I posted “Body of complaint letter to Quebec College des medecins”. Dr. Michel Joyal responded on behalf of the College in a two-page letter dated February 16, exonerating Dr. Lesage after an examination of the records. “I am therefore left to conclude that there was no breach of any kind on his part”, Dr. Joyal wrote. He also attached the necessary document should we choose to ask their Review Committee for a second opinion. We won’t be doing that. As I wrote in my March 6 letter to Dr. Joyal in answer (which follows here), “My February 16th (sic) letter was intended to put Brennan Guigue’s position on the record.” (My letter was actually dated October 31)

March 6, 2015

Michel Joyal, M.D., Assistant Syndic,
Collége des médecins du Québec,
2170 Réne Lévesque Blvd. West,
Montreal, QC H3H 2T8

Re: Doctor David Lesage/Patient: M. Brennan Wayne Guigue/Your file: 54856

Doctor Joyal:

I’m in receipt of your February 16th letter in response to mine of October 31st.

To quote a relevant paragraph: “After careful examination of all the documents consulted, I believe that Dr. Lesage’s clinical approach during your son’s assessment on August 19, 2014, was appropriate and in keeping with established standards. After his assessment, he issued a prescription consistent with his diagnostic opinion and, given the difficulty in positing a more precise diagnosis, referred him to a medical specialist. I am therefore left to conclude that there was no breach of any kind on his part.”

We did not anticipate a different outcome to your inquiry. My February 16th letter was intended to put Brennan Guigue’s position on the record. After a long wait, my son is only now about to consult with a specialist in the community. In the meantime, all remedies prescribed by various health-care professionals have been for naught, but we’re confident there is a connection between his present condition and the chemical assault at the Regional Reception Centre in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines on July 22 of last year.

Brennan Guigue’s recollection of his contacts with health-care professionals at Donnacona Institution from July 23rd onwards is as presented in my letter, regardless of what any records may suggest to the contrary. Nonetheless, I am satisfied with your due diligence in investigating my complaint, and I thank you for a reasonably prompt reply.

Yours truly,

Charles H. Klassen
Dr. David Lesage, Centre Méd. Hochelaga, Montreal
Elain Tousigmant, Deputy Commissioner, Regional Headquarters – Quebec
Marc Lamoie, Director/Warden, Donnacona Institution, Donnacona
Stephen Fineberg, Montreal
Brennan Guigue, Toronto


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