What…..we didn’t tell them?

In a report tabled on Tuesday, April 28, by federal Auditor-General Michael Ferguson, since Correctional Service of Canada is making it harder for inmates to get parole, it’s causing a spike in prison populations, an increase in the number of maximum-security ex-offenders released directly into the community, and a jump of $91 million in costs.

Patrick White’s Globe and Mail April 29 column, “Ferguson outlines parole shortcomings”, quotes Catherine Latimer, executive director of the John Howard Society, saying, ”Not only are you imperilling the community, but there is a greater cost as well. People are coming out in greater numbers at statutory release when they have not taken the programming that would make them more likely to succeed at being law-abiding citizens.”

The Auditor-General concluded that this environment creates a potentially turbulent transition for many inmates with grave public safety risks.

But, true to form, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney saw all this in a positive light. We couldn’t help but let him know he’s not firing on all cylinders:-

May 4, 2015

The Honourable Steven Blaney,
Minister of Public Safety,
Ste. 306, Justice Building,
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Re: Ferguson outlines parole shortcomings
Globe and Mail, Wednesday, April 29

Minister Blaney:

“I am pleased that the Auditor-General found that our ‘truth in sentencing’ measures have worked because more prisoners are staying behind bars for a greater portion of their sentence.”

Good gracious, give you a change to shoot yourself in the foot, and you respond on cue.

I am pleased to add this to my file of verbal ammunition reserved for candidates for your party in the upcoming election. By this fall, I should have enough material to put some off canvassing for a week.

I’m grateful.

Charles H. Klassen


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