Carding….tell them to get lost!

The Toronto Star and Globe and Mail both ran a story on May 13 about Mutaz Elmardy’s carding experience with the Toronto police in January of 2011, and Ontario Superior Court Justice Frederick Myers’ award of $27,000 in damages to Mr.Elmardy after he sued the Toronto Police Services Board and a TPS constable.

Wendy Gillis’ column in the Star, “Being carded? Judge says you can tell cops to get lost”, made the paper’s front page. It’s a frank and detailed account of the interaction between Elmardy and six police officers four years ago, and the court’s findings based on the evidence presented during the trial. What was unusual here is there were no independent witnesses and no video documentation for the court to examine.

Sean Fine’s “Toronto man wins controversial police ‘carding’ case” in the Globe and Mail is a shorter and slightly muted account of Mr. Elmardy’s experience and the ensuing court action. Nonetheless, the judge’s ruling leaves no doubt of his disapproval of the behaviour of the officers involved.

As of the date of publication in the Star and Globe, no decision had been made by the police about an appeal of Myers’ decision.


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