Pity the Harper supporter

Stephen Harper is the current Prime Minister of Canada. He is not God. He is not the King. He is the first minister of the government of the day and the leader of the party in power. Notwithstanding his “progresses” across Canada and around the world with an entourage that gives the appearance that there’s an imminent threat to his safety, along with an inflated sense of his own importance, Mr. Harper is in truth the point person among a group of men and women who occupy Ottawa’s seats of power and influence.

Maybe it’s our fault when we focus so much on the leaders of political parties and infuse them with egotism beyond what is the reality of the position. Stephen Harper doesn’t seem to mind the attention but the high profile he encourages puts him under a microscope…. just as do Trudeau, Mulcair and May.

In the case of our present prime minister, we could scan our files to come up with a litany of reasons why he shouldn’t be our next prime minister. But, it isn’t necessary for us to go any further than to point out that he supports the torture of teenagers as an acceptable practice in one instance, and feels there is no reason to be overly concerned about global warming in another.

This alone warrants his expulsion from Ottawa, taking his closest allies with him, and we’re proposing too a mandate to have these men and women removed from Canada. Perhaps Texas is a suitable destination….or wherever it is that Dick Chaney is hiding.

Pity the Harper supporter…..not knowing enough to be embarrassed.


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