A “carding” game. Wanna play?

A group of Toronto Star journalists, Jim Rankin included, has initiated a campaign to help people find out what information the Toronto Police Service may have collected and recorded during “carding” stops.

The paper’s front page on July 18 asks “Think you’ve been carded? Let’s find out.” Instructions detail how to file a freedom of information request, and offers help if money is a problem. The Star would like the results shared with the newspaper, stipulating that no sensitive pieces of information will be published.

It will take some time to compile what comes out of this. The TPS ATIP division may be overwhelmed with the response to the Star’s effort to inform the public of what is in the police database.

Want to participate? Have questions?

email:     carding@thestar.ca

or, write:
Jim Rankin, Reporter,
The Toronto Star,
One Yonge Street,
Toronto, ON M5E 1E6

Let’s watch. Stand by.


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