In case you’re wondering……

October 18 was our last posting date, and it was to this category. Yes, we’ve been soaking in a milk bath since October 19 election night, but there are plenty of clouds in that sky we see through our spa’s window, and a storm is always on the horizon.

Just in case you’re wondering, “constructive sedition” will not go away. Everyone wants to advise Justin Trudeau where his top priorities should lay…….a sign of how badly this government change is needed……but expectations are bound to outweigh the man and his team’s ability to deliver and satisfy. All will not be well all the time. There’s bound to be a Judas in the ranks. To boot, the ‘dark side’ is ever lingering in the wings, scanning the agenda for opportunities to obstruct, obfuscate and oppose. How do we put it? No vigilance. No democracy. Constructive sedition will not go away.

But, other matters await attention, too. The Ontario government is taking action on “carding”…..or is it? And, the federal prison system is making us work long, hard and on difficult terrain to uncover all it did to Brennan Guigue.

Just a beginning…….

And, oh, by the way, Joe Oliver lost his Conservative seat in Toronto’s Eglinton/Lawrence riding.

Now, what was it President Josiah Edward Bartlet used to say on television’s “The West Wing”? Oh yes, “What’s next?”


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