Brennan Guigue – Justice takes time.

Our latest data revises some of what is published in “The Light Beam Flickers” on November 9th last year. Specifically, the videos are both more and less revealing than we originally understood …. and expected.

Of the five discs received from Correctional Service Canada in response to our Access to Information request, the first copies video shot using a hand-held camera on July 22, 2014 at the Regional Reception Centre in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines north of Montreal. It commences at 5:11 pm on that day and runs for 32 minutes and 26 seconds. This material was quickly reviewed by Brennan last fall.

Discs #2 through #4 repeat what is on disc #1 and adds additional information, presumably shot in the same mode, except that disc #4 also contains material that may come from a fixed camera. Disc #5 appears to contain information from a fixed camera only. None of the material on discs #2 through #5 is readable, other than what we were able to review from disc #1 and it’s repetition on the next three discs.

Correctional Service of Canada has withheld everything other than those 32 minutes and 26 seconds. Stephen Fineberg has filed a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, suggesting CSC has withheld more than it is legally entitled to prevent us from seeing.

An analysis of that first disc confirms what both CSC and the Office of the Correctional Investigator earlier admitted; namely, the level of force used was inappropriate and inconsistent with their ‘Situation Management Model’, there was no emergency, and the use of OC (pepper spray) was not appropriate.

A closer examination of that video reveals that CSC guards intentionally ignored their employer’s policy, and engaged in prohibited activity. Further, their use of OC did not meet the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper use of the chemical. Most notably, the CSC guards involved in this incident crossed the line into criminality and acted unlawfully under sections of Canada’s Criminal Code. They also violated provisions of the United Nation’s Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, to which this country is a signatory. At a point in the video after the attack, Brennan warns the six CSC employees they will have to answer for their behaviour.

To go further, staff at the RCC was aware boundaries had been overstepped and substituted Brennan on a “load” to Donnacona the following day, where he was placed in segregation and on cuff status, all in an attempt to hide him away. As previously noted, health care at Donnacona refused to document his injuries.

Brennan has insisted that video shot after what we’ve seen is more incriminating (refer to Just Another Day on the Range? from September 26 of 2014), and we’ve asked Stephen Fineberg to relay this to the OPC.

The printed material and translations are also in our possession. An initial read indicates at least a few contradictions. As expected though, no CSC employee will implicate the wrongdoing of another, or admit to breaking rules or the law themselves. We’ll report more on this after additional study.

As always, please stand by………


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