“We are both encouraged and relieved to be on the move, to be stepping out onto the field. It just may take a while before we broadcast a play.”

‘…..ON THE MOVE!’ from last October 30 ended with those words. Now, we’re about to make that play.

Montreal attorney Stephen Fineberg spent over two years prodding Correctional Service Canada through access to information requests to release material and evidence of the July 22, 2014 assault on Brennan Guigue by CSC guards at the Regional Reception Centre north of Montreal. When they stalled delivery of the complete video information in particular, he turned to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, which ruled there was no justification for the delay.

Let’s be frank. Correctional Service of Canada, a self-serving agency of your federal government, your civil servant, is wilfully and intentionally withholding video to which it has no restrictive legal claim. CSC does not want anyone to see the major portion of the tapes it has so far refused to release. It knows the contents will be another public relations disaster for our federal prison system, another embarrassment for national headquarters in Ottawa, and perhaps even go so far as to expose management and employees to a legal liability.

Late last October, Montreal attorney Dan Romano of Kalman Samuels, QC & Associates agreed to take on Brennan Guigue’s claim against CSC. Stephen Fineberg no longer litigates, Dan Romano was his recommendation, and all relevant material was turned over to the firm. We have only praise and thanks for Stephen’s experience and expertise in his field, and for his help. We are the better for the efforts he made on Brennan’s behalf.

Attorneys at Kalman Samuels have used the last few months to accomplish those “incremental stages” referenced on October 30 and have developed a strategy going forward. After a couple of fits and starts, a Demand Letter, the first step in the process, will be on it’s way to the Regional Reception Centre’s superintendent this week. Correctional Service of Canada will have 30 days to respond.

This is one chapter of our Canada 150 celebrations!  Fireworks optional!



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