………AND GO!

Picking up from the June 10th posting, “……..READY…….SET……”, a Demand Letter was sent to Correctional Service Canada’s Quebec Regional Reception Centre on June 10th.

Attorney Sarah Afshari of Kalman Samuels & Associates in Montreal immediately began working on the Application to Institute Proceedings, assuming CSC would fail to comply with the terms of the Demand Letter within the thirty days allowed.

At his attorneys’ recommendation, Brennan Guigue refused to accept CSC’s offer for the entire video of the 2014 assault, plus some redacted portions of the written documents sent to Attorney Stephen Fineberg. By accepting that offer, Brennan could not make further requests for data. In declining, the entire video plus some redacted portions will still be released, with some delays, but Brennan’s rights to demand more information if and when necessary are protected.

The final draft of the Application to Institute Proceedings was received in Toronto and approved on July 11. At the same time, Kalman Samuels & Associates was contacted by a lawyer with the federal Ministry of the Attorney General to advise a response to the Demand letter would not be forthcoming. This also served to introduce the firm to the attorney who would be the government’s lead representative in this lawsuit.

A July 20th registered letter to Brennan over Sarah Afsharis’s signature began, “You will find attached a copy of the Application to Institute Proceedings which was issued at court today. We will inform you once we receive a response from the opposing attorney.”

In the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec, District of Montreal, BRENNAN W. GUIGUE has begun an action against the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA, representing Correctional Service Canada – and – the REGIONAL RECEPTION CENTER, SPECIAL HANDLING UNIT in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines – and – ERIC CHARBONNEAU, correctional officer employed by Correctional Service Canada.

Since then, Correctional Service Canada, through the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, has issued a list of what information it is voluntarily prepared to release. As well, lawyers on both sides are now preparing their case protocols (agendas) going forward, and once agreed, will be presented to the Court. Brennan Guigue’s position is that the entire unedited video is the single most important and damning evidence, and is looking forward to its public exposure.

As always, we are standing by as the process unfolds.


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