Millhaven doesn’t respond……

……it just trips along in a deep ditch.

Without adding observations, this is CSC’s November 29 letter:


Mr. Klassen

The Visitor Review Board met on Wednesday November 14, 2018 to discuss your Private Family Visits (PFV’s), as well as your Visiting Status, at Millhaven Institution with your stepson offender Brennan Guigue.

As you will recall, on November 9, 2018 you attended our institution for your first Private Family Visit together

During processing, there was a positive indication on one our Drug Screening Tools.

The Correctional Manager completed a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA), as per policy.
The Deputy Warden reviewed this Assessment, and the decision was made to deny this PFV.

Your stepson requested the opportunity to attend the next Visitor Review Board. He was given that opportunity on November 14, 2018.

The letter you submitted, in regards to this denied PFV, was presented, and read, at the Board on November 28, 2018. This letter has now been placed on offender Guigue’s visiting file.
The Visitor Review Board then reviewed any relevant information, including past or present history.

At this time, the Board has recommended Suspension your Private Family Visits.

As per policy, your stepson cannot re-apply for Private Family Visits until after May 14, 2018.
As well, your visits have been placed on a ‘Closed seating status for 60 (sixty) days’.

While on any form of a sanctioned seating status, you are not eligible for participation in any Family Gatherings, or Private Family Visits.

This sanction will stay in effect regardless of your stepson’s transfer out of Millhaven Institution.
This visiting status will be reviewed at the Visitor Review Board following January 14, 2018 (sic).

Any further questions can be directed to the Visitor Review Board at Millhaven Institution.
Offender Guigue has been advised of is right to grieve these decisions pursuant to CD 081 – Offender Complaints and Grievances.

Thank You

D. Payette
Correctional Manager
Visits & Correspondence
Millhaven Insitution
(613) 351-8168

The response contesting this VRB decision is prepared but its release is delayed pending a procedural matter. Originally scheduled for publication at the end of December, it’s now tentatively set to be mailed and published near the end of January.


2 thoughts on “Millhaven doesn’t respond……

  1. The person who wrote the letter, D. Payette, regarding your PVR with Brennan, is just another puppet of one of many corrupt government services.

    As stated in the letter “As per policy, your stepson cannot re-apply for Private Family Visits until after May 14, 2018.” which means you are well passed the restriction for your PFV.

    You should change your family name to a French sir name, like all government services, you will get much more favourable responses if you can use French Canadian services.


    • I have been following turnoverarocktoday for about 3 years and I am continually appalled by the corruption within CSC. Every Christmas I go to a rehab house for addiction and spend some time with the guys and together we put up the Christmas tree. We talk about addiction, their families and their lives. We talked this year about the country of Portugal and they’re decriminalization of all illegal drugs back in 2001. It has been very successful and after 18 years they now have countries from all over the world coming to them for advice and to study the system. One of the gentlemen told me that his sister worked as a police officer in Portugal and she has told him that their jails are almost empty. Let this be a warning to the justice system in this country. Your time is limited. We will see the decriminalization of illegal drugs in this country as well and I strongly believe that we will see it happen in my lifetime. I am 65 years of age. The so called war on drugs has been a complete failure and Portugal has proven that there is a better way. You folks better start planning your new careers because your abuse of the system and the people in it is coming to an end.
      Tread carefully.
      Judy Wisdom.


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