George Floyd – Murder most foul!


Police officers across North America use tactics and techniques that are not sanctioned, frequently questionable and excessive, sometimes illegal, and occasionally lethal. These expedients encompass a surprisingly long list, unfamiliar to the most of us, and often unseen even during a police action in public in front of witnesses.

True, there are many cops who wouldn’t stoop to the practices of others, but that impregnable police ‘blue wall’ shields all and every uniform from unfettered scrutiny. That wall must be breached and toppled.

Look at the May 25 video. Derek Chauvin has his left knee on George Floyd’s neck. Notice that he puts his left hand into his left pant pocket. Why? Is he missing his keys? Is he looking for a snack? He can’t be trying to balance himself. That he could do by laying his hand on the body of the vehicle next to him; he does that too at one point.

No, his left hand is in his pant pocket to access one of those unsanctioned police tactics. Note the hand is not pushed deeply into the pocket, just far enough to hide what’s he doing with it. What he’s doing is pressing the palm of that hand into his upper thigh muscle, using his shoulder and arm strength to increase the pressure on George Floyd’s neck.

That’s intent to harm, and in this instance, was it intent to kill? Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng, the three uniformed men with Derek Chauvin, knew what was happening, and stood by. They all watched a man die at their hands. They let it happen.

There’s more. The City of Minneapolis and its police department are also culpable in the death of George Floyd. Derek Chauvin was a police officer for twenty years and there was plenty in his file to merit dismissal at more than one point before May 25, 2020. Would George Floyd be alive today if city management had acted when it should have to get rid of a bad cop?

Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota, Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis, the state’s Attorney General, Keith Ellison, and Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo haven’t mentioned that hand in that pocket. This will bring it to their attention.

2 thoughts on “George Floyd – Murder most foul!

  1. All the proposed action to correct the continued brutality and murder at the hands of bad cops will just be pushed aside in the near future just like gun control.


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