Soleiman Faqiri……say the name!


So, why isn’t the reaction here like it is there? Soleiman is but one of many seriously harmed or killed by men in uniform in Canada, just a George Floyd is one of many harmed or killed by men in uniform in the U.S. Why the difference in public response? There was no camera recording Soleiman’s murder for one thing. Not only that, the perpetrators purposely blocked witnesses while they assaulted Soleiman in tandem.

There have been seven postings in this space since October of 2017 framing the grievance Soleiman’s friends and family have over his abuse and death at the hands of Ontario public servants. They want justice and are determined to persevere until the responsible jail guards are charged and convicted.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is now also taking Ontario to task for failing to meet its commitment to end putting prisoners with mental health disabilities in segregation. Soleiman’s death is a direct result of the province’s negligence.

Plus, the decision by the Ontario Provincial Police in August of this year not to lay charges in the death of Soleiman Faqiri following a second investigation of this crime has been condemned by 60 groups including legal, mental health advocacy and faith-based organizations across Canada.

This sad obstruction of justice by Ontario prompted another letter to the culpable provincial government minister:-

September 8, 2020

The Honourable Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General,
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

Re: Soleiman Faqiri

Minister Jones:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is far too polite in the motion it’s filed against Ontario for a continuing “breach of legal obligation(s) to keep prisoners with mental health disabilities out of segregation.”

Soleiman Faqiri is dead because your ministry failed to do what it agreed to do back in 2013 and again in 2018. Simply put, a mentally ill provincial inmate was murdered by gangs of guards acting in tandem for no better reason than to “teach him a lesson.”

Your provincial jail guards “teach lessons” to inmates every day in Ontario. Soleiman just so happened to die during the “instruction.” It’s against policy and procedure, it’s illegal, and it’s just plain wrong. And, it’s happening on your watch, Minister.

Following the OPP decision not to lay charges in what is so obviously a state sanctioned homicide, Yusuf Faqiri, Soleiman’s older brother, told an August 15 rally outside your office that if one wants to commit murder with impunity, then do it in a group.

Your ministry seems content with the status quo. What say you?

A cautionary note to Soleiman’s family. The government will one day come to the table to pay off the family, and one condition of a settlement is likely to be that they take the money, go away, and shut up. Government offices are well stocked with carpets and brooms.

Let’s hope the Faqiri family doesn’t allow that, but even so, Ontario can’t silence us all.


One thought on “Soleiman Faqiri……say the name!

  1. Men and women in uniform, those that are supposed to be there to serve and “PROTECT:” are getting away with all kinds of atrocities because we do not have “JUSTICE SYSTEM” but a “CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM” fueled by corrupt “COPS” and “CROWN ATTORNEYS”. Even when these atrocities are caught on Camera they refuse to prosecute. As i was told by a JP,….. “They protect their own!” See my story all caught on camera, their camera yet the OPP refuses to prosecute. The CROWN refuses to prosecute even when a JP sees that charges should have been laid and she sanctions the charges. ASSAULT and PUBLIC MISHIEF. This same guard was protected by his union and CSC a year prior to assaulting me.. Look up ONTARIO MAN SUES PRISON GUARD


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