TRUMP on the one hand….. COVID on the other…..



The world is preoccupied by the threat of COVID-19, as it should be, and with trying to cope with death and ruin as the virus spreads.

And, people who aren’t appalled by America’s political climate are laughing at how far the international prestige of the United States has plummeted under the current administration.


Do no harm….the first rule of medicine.
If you hear the sound of hoofbeats, think of horses first….the second rule of medicine.

COVID-19 is perilous, it’s real, it’s deadly.

Do five things…
follow the science…wear a mask…social distance…make hand hygiene a habit…
and don’t pay attention to the b.s.

There’s a lot of manic drivel, gibberish, and nonsense defying reason with this virus.  Don’t bite.

Vaccines will come.


Dear Americans:  It’s one thing to support Republican Party candidates.  It’s quite another to legitimize Donald Trump.  The world knows this man is a dangerous idiot, a domestic terrorist, an international thug, a Russian stooge, and a failed businessman who wouldn’t know truth if it f–ked him up the ass dry.  And, he’s personally responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.  That’s only a start.

Nonetheless, there are large numbers of people in the United States who enthusiastically say, “Hey, this is the kind of person we want in the White House.”

Bottom line:  How is it possible for a voter’s moral compass to become so corrupted?


America can be rid of Trump easily. 
The virus is a challenge the world will meet.

In the meantime, inequities and sanctioned state abuse, misdirected resources and indifferent opportunists, and a lack of potent accountability and transparency in public life still plague societies. 

This space will now get back to grappling with that.




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