Prisons versus media access

While waiting for public service chutzpah to show up…if there is such a thing in a public servant….the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights was brought on-line with the folly that is the forever pending revision to Correctional Service of Canada’s media relation policy. 

This Senate committee has studied the Human Rights of Federally-Sentenced Persons for a few years.  It’s made plain-spoken and frank observations about Canada’s prison operations, findings that for the most part cause elected members of the House to feign blindness.  All the same, our Senate continues to observe, investigate, and make recommendations.

 November 30, 2022,

The Honourable Salma Ataullahjan, Chair,
The Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights,
The Senate of Canada Building,
2 Rideau Street,
Ottawa, ON  K1N 8X5

Re:      Human Rights of Federally-Sentenced Persons

Dear Senator Ataullahjan:

The committee you currently chair has studied the human rights concerns of offenders in our federal prison system for some years.  The comprehensive 326-page 4th Report tabled on June 16, 2021, is wide-ranging and justly critical.  Many are awaiting the final report.

I bring to your attention an on-going issue with the revision of CSC Commissioner’s Directive 022–Media Relations.  This has been underway since Correctional Investigator Dr. Ivan Zinger laid down the need for change on page 18 of his 2019-2020 Annual Report, submitted on June 26, 2020.  CSC Commissioner Anne Kelly committed to revisions prior to the release of the OCI report and later confirmed her intent in a February 24, 2020, letter to Dr. Zinger, copy enclosed.

As of now, no revision to CD-022 is in evidence.  Not only that, but the lengthy delay suggests a CSC distaste for media scrutiny.  I’ve enclosed here too a reprint of my October 9, 2022, post that chronicles a tracking of the sluggish progress towards a resolution.  With it is the October 23rd post publishing letters to Minister Mendicino and Dr. Zinger on this continued delay and includes a list of copied parties.  There are no responses to date.

One wonders where courage lives!

Senator Kim Pate is not a current member of the committee, but her interest in the prison system prompts copies to her.

Yours truly,

We’re in the pre-holiday period of the legislative year, and governments are clearing away the business it can resolve before recess and shelving all else for the Christmas break.  No more can be expected this year.

Bets that when we pick this up again in 2023, it’ll be as if we’re staring all over?  It’s like a Trumpian thing.



One thought on “Prisons versus media access

  1. While living in the Philippines during part of the year, I’m frequently asked if moving to the US is a good idea. I always reply that Canada is a far better choice. But then I consider the incompetence of our various levels of government and reconsider that maybe living in the US and taking a chance that I could be shot at daily is maybe better than living with a governing system that promises everything and does nothing. “Canada The Good” has a very poor record for civil rights and prison reform is a prime example of criminal conspiracy by our Senate. Our entire governing system drastically needs a complete reform, no more “same old, same old”. Get rid of the white hairs and appoint new, fresh thinkers who aren’t part of the “good old boy” gang.


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